MAY 5, 2022




The Windsor Charter Township Board of Appeals meeting was called to order by Chairperson Richard Slee at 7:00 p.m.


Present:  Richard Slee, Tony Piper, Steve Stauff, Meredith Barnhart-Smith and Mike Kelley

Also present:  Dalton Gatlin, Supervisor Slucter, Assistant Chief Fabijancic and Clerk Rumsey


Richard Slee was appointed as Chairperson by acclamation.


Supervisor Slucter spoke on applicant’s behalf.  Houses were built prior to Windsor Charter Township Zoning Ordinance.  Explanation was given on the property owners need for variances on side and front setbacks as well as variances on lot widths for both addresses, 7496 Davis Hwy (080-005-100-065-00) & 7482 Davis Hwy (080-005-100-060-00).  Discussion was held on the application in process with the Assessor on moving the one lot line 8 feet between 7496 and 7482 Davis Hwy to accommodate the property line that is currently running about 5 feet through the existing house. 


Randy Neff, 7382 Davis Hwy – Expressed concern over property lines in the area.  Discussion was held on property lines, the antiquated method of how lot lines were first established, GIS mapping and the current method of surveying.


With no more questions or comments from the public Piper moved and Barnhart-Smith seconded to grant the request for variances on side setbacks, front setbacks, and lot widths for both 7496 & 7482 Davis Hwy, due house being built prior to zoning ordinance. Carried unanimously.


With no further business Piper moved and Barnhart-Smith seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:17 pm.  Carried unanimously.          



                                                                                                Lisa A. Rumsey, Clerk

                                                                                                Windsor Charter Township