The regular meeting of the Windsor Charter Township Planning Commission was called to order at 7:00 pm by Vice Chairperson Johnson.


Present:  Johnson, Pray, Sabourin, Fabijancic, Barnhart-Smith and Bowen

Absent:  Holtz

Also Present:  Asst Chief Fabijancic and Clerk Rumsey


Fabijancic moved and Sabourin seconded to approve the agenda as written.  Motion Carried.


Bowen moved and Barnhart-Smith seconded to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as written.  Motion Carried.


The Public Hearing for Marley Crops Special Use Permit was called to order by Vice Chairperson Johnson at 7:01 pm.


Mike Arrabi, a representative from Marley Crops gave a presentation, showing their plans to build a 50,000+ square foot cannabis cultivation facility, in two phases, for medical and adult-use marijuana.  Unidirectional traffic flow across the facility was shown. Emergency vehicle access on all sides of the building is achieved with a driveway all around the building.  Lighting is limited to the standard parking, landscape illumination and possible backlit company logo on side of building.  The facility will not release into the air any pollutants.  Standard HVAC equipment is used in office spaces and cultivation rooms operate in an enclosed system without communication to the outside.  The building will have a fire alarm, CO2 Alarm, and 24/7 Surveillance/theft alarm. 


Jim Hein, Jr., 4388 N Gunnell Rd – Questioned how the odor was going to be address? Mr. Arrabi responded the cultivation rooms are an enclosed system that doesn’t emit air to the outside.  Anything that is emitted to the outside is through HEPA filters.  Mr. Hein expressed concern over how the filters would be monitored.  Mr. Arrabi explained how the enclosed system worked, CO2 is injected into the room and the air circulates within the room.  If a CO2 level becomes dangerous and air needs to be ejected, it will be through HEPA filters. Filters will be changed per manufacturers recommendations or sooner if needed.  Mr. Hein asked how odor complaints would be handled.  Mr. Arrabi replied there will be protocols in place and any complaint would be promptly addressed   Mr. Hein wondered why the proposed site was selected rather than the other side of Creyts Rd in Harvest Park East.  Dr. Alame responded there were no available sights that would meet their needs.  Mr. Hein questioned if Marley Crops LLC had another facility in Howell, MI, due to the filings with the State of Michigan. The response was Marley Crops LLC does not have other cultivation facilities and the address on the State of Michigan filings states Howell, MI because that is where the main office is currently located.  Mr. Hein brought up the planning minutes from 2017 where then Supervisor Braman stated what types of companies, at that time, were interested in building on this property and asked what happened to those companies.  Explanation by Supervisor Slucter and Trustee Pray was provided, Board of Water & Light decided not to install a solar farm at this location and other ventures did not come to fruition.  Mr. Hein wanted to know what these types of facilities do to help Windsor Township.  Supervisor Slucter responded, property tax revenue.  The marijuana facilities current and potential property tax revenue was discussed.  Mr. Hein asked how the property tax revenue is being used.  Supervisor Slucter explained it takes time to grow the industry and realize the additional property tax revenue.  The long-term plan is to lower Windsor Township’s millage rate again.  Trustee Pray responded monies are being spent on our Emergency Services department.  This year, we were able to finally give a much needed pay increase, that will allow us to retain and recruit firefighters, paramedics and EMT’s.  Mr. Hein expressed concern over whether property taxes have been paid on the property.  It was explained that property taxes would be collected by the title company at the time property is transferred.  Mr. Hein stated he is opposed to the Special Use Permit.


With no more comments or questions from the public, Vice Chairperson Johnson closed the public hearing for Marley Crops Special Use Permit at 7:31 pm.



      Board of Trustees:  Introduced the rezoning of the six parcels on Dimondale Hwy.


      Board of Appeals:  None


      Board of Review:  March Board of Review will be held on Monday, March 14th and Tuesday, March 15th.


      Reports & Announcement:  None


Hear Public present on agenda items:  None


New Business:

A review was conducted on Nixon Road LLC (commonly known as Crandell Brother Trucking) Special Use Permit.  Pray moved and Sabourin seconded to approve a five-year extension of Nixon Road LLC Special Use Permit Agreement with no other changes.

Ayes:  Sabourin, Barnhart-Smith, Johnson, Pray, Fabijancic and Bowen

Nays:  None

Absent: Holtz

Motion Carried.


Unfinished Business:

Discussion was held on Marley Crops Special Use Permit request.  A Land Division application is currently being considered pertaining to this 5.55-acre parcel.  Issues with the land division was encountered pertaining to public road access.  Pray moved and Bowen seconded to recommend to the Windsor Charter Township Board approval of the petitioned Special Land Use Permit to construct a 72,254 sf structure, in two (2) phases, to be utilized as a medical and recreational marijuana cultivation facility located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Center Point Pkwy and Commerce Pkwy and as legally described in Section 3 of Windsor Charter Township (Parent Parcel Tax ID#: 23-080-003-200-041-00) based on the following reasoning and conditions: Reasoning: 1) Subject to the conditions provided below, it is found that the petitioned special land use meets the general standards as provided for in Article VIII of the Ordinance. 2) Subject to the conditions provided below, it is found that the preliminary site plan for a light manufacturing facility generally meets the general standards as provided for M-1 District and site development requirements set forth under Section 5.8-A.3.  Conditions: 1) A final site plan shall be submitted for final approval by the Planning Commission.  2) Public road to be installed or an appropriate bond accepted by Eaton County Road Commission and Eaton County Drain Commission for the completion of said road and that all applicable land division standards are met.   

Ayes:  Sabourin, Barnhart-Smith, Johnson, Pray, Fabijancic and Bowen

Nays:  None

Absent: Holtz

Motion Carried.


Still accepting opinions from Public on Master Plan and reviewing of updated Zoning Ordinance.  Will continue discussion next month.


Hear Public present on any subject:  Public comment heard.


With no further business Vice Chairperson Johnson adjourned the meeting at 7:48 pm.


                                                                                    Lisa A. Rumsey, Clerk

                                                                                    Windsor Charter Township