The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Supervisor Slucter with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Present:  Slucter, Rumsey, Fritts, Myers, Piper, Pray and Pisano

Absent:  None


Myers moved Pisano seconded to approve the Agenda as written.  Carried 7-0.


Pray moved and Fritts seconded to approve the Consent Agenda.  Carried 7-0.

General Fund consisting of Voucher #33647 through Voucher #33700 equaling: $36,270.30 plus digital transfers and payments of $677.60 making a Grand Total of $36,947.90. 


Payroll Report consisting of Voucher #42041 through #42062 and Direct Deposit #DD2775 through #DD2848 plus digital payments for a Grand Total of 84,259.48. 




Sheriff’s Report:  Deputy Holliday reported on incidents in the township.


     Planning Commission:  Renewed two Special Use Permits and distributed the draft Master Plan to neighboring communities for a 63 day review.


     Sewer Board:  Meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 16th.


     Emergency Service Department:  1) Rumsey moved and Piper seconded to accept the resignation of Samantha Olsen and Jacob Mick and approve the request for Anne Marie Cavalcante and Oliver “Jermaine” Davis to be firefighter trainees. Carried 7-0. 2) During a 4 day period, completed 56 calls for service.  Several calls were storm related.  Also, assisted Eaton Rapids Township Fire Department with a pole barn fire.  3) On September 10th, the department participated in the 20 year 9-11 Recognition Concert in Holt.  4) The department participated in a First Responder Appreciation event, held by Capitol Harley-Davidson on September 11th. 5) The Prevention division responded to 6 false fire alarms, sent out two Municipal Civil Infraction Violation Notice warning letters and assisted Eaton Rapids Township Fire Department with a fire investigation of a pole barn fire.


     Assessor/Preston Community Services:  None.


     Supervisor’s Report:  1) There is an opening on the Planning Commission.  Contact Supervisor if interested in applying.  2) An Eaton County Broadband Survey was distributed to the board.  There are different types of surveys, such as Residential, Business, Agriculture, Healthcare, etc.  The survey may be completed online at or you may pick up a copy at the township office.  3) A piece of land off Canal Road north of Walnut Hwy is being discussed as a possible donation to the township for a park.  4)  On October 9th at 1:00 pm, there is going to be a Memorial Service for Sue & Tom Butler at the Dimondale Cemetery. 


Public Officials:

County Commissioner Dairus Reynnet – Eaton County Public Safety Committee is looking for guidance on an off road vehicle ordinance for county roads.  The proposed county budget will be voted on at next meeting.


     Other Reports & Announcements:  

     Jim Bogi reported looking to purchase a ¾ ton truck that meets the cemetery needs.

     Tony Piper reported on attending a meeting on the Ram Trail extension.


Hear Public Present for Agenda Items:  None


Unfinished Business:  None


New Business:

Eric Deibel, from the Eaton County Drain office, gave a presentation on the Revised Thornapple Drainage Map.


Myers offered and Piper supported Resolution No. 21-004, a Resolution for Petition for Maintenance, Improvement and Consolidation of Drains known and designated as the Lemon Drain and the Martin Drain and consolidation of the Lemon Drain Drainage District and the Martin Drain District with the consolidated drainage district to be known as the Lemon Drain Drainage District, located in Eaton County, pursuant to Chapters 8 and 19 of the Michigan Drain Code of 1956, as amended.

Ayes: Myers, Piper, Rumsey, Slucter, Fritts, Pray and Pisano

Nays: None

Absent: None

Resolution No. 21-004 adopted: 7-0.


The board’s prior approval of Terry Haines Special Use Permit for 5096 Canal Road was discussed.  The owner of 5096 Canal Road has notified the township that Mr. Haines has moved out of the building.  Several attempts have been made to contact Mr. Haines to provide the township with an executed copy of the Special Use Permit, with no response.   Myers offered and Piper supported to rescind the township’s approval of Terry Haines Special Use Permit for 5096 Canal Road as Mr. Haines has vacated the property and the Permit was not executed.

Ayes: Myers, Piper, Rumsey, Slucter, Fritts, Pray and Pisano

Nays: None

Absent: None

Rescission of Terry Haines Special Use Permit for 5096 Canal Road approved: 7-0.


Discussion was held on the 2022 Millage and Budget.    


Hear Public Present on any subject:  None


With no further business Supervisor Slucter adjourned the meeting at 8:20 pm.


                                                                                    Lisa A. Rumsey

                                                                                    Windsor Charter Township Clerk