REGULAR MEETING – MARCH 23, 2021 – 7:00 PM




The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Supervisor Slucter with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Present:  Slucter, Rumsey, Fritts, Myers, Piper, Pray and Pisano

Absent:  None


Piper moved and Fritts seconded to amend the agenda adding closed session to discuss real estate and a personnel issue after Hear Public Present on any Subject and approve the agenda as amended.  Carried 7-0.


Myers moved and Piper seconded to approve the Consent Agenda. Carried 7-0.


General Fund consisting of Voucher #33380 through Voucher #33413 equaling: $51,484.83 plus digital transfers and payments of $3,135.97 making a Grand Total of $54,620.80. 


Payroll Report consisting of Voucher #41935 through #41949 and Direct Deposit #DD2413 through #DD2472 plus digital payments for a Grand Total of $65,560.92.




     Sheriff’s Report:  Deputy Holliday reported on incidents in the township.


     Planning Commission:  At February’s meeting 1)  Held two Public Hearings for Special Use permits. 2)  Set up a Workshop session for March 25, 2021. 3) Scheduled a Special Meeting prior to Workshop session on March 25, 2021 to review two site plans.


     Sewer Board:  March 18th meeting was cancelled.


     Emergency Service Department:   Chief Miller reported 1) Due to extremely dry conditions and high winds forecasted it was necessary to ban burning beginning Friday March 19, 2021 until further notice.  Watch or Emergency Services Facebook page for updates.  2) Dealt with 3 significant fire runs over the past couple of weeks and a traffic accident involving Tesla and a patrol car.


     Assessor/Preston Community Services:  Board of Review has been completed and finalized with Equalization.  This year our tax base is finally recognizing the increase from the new commercial facilities.


Library:  Director Sanders reported 1) There is about 1500 + individuals and households that are currently registered to use the Library. About 1000 are Township residents, over 350 are Village residents and 168 are non-residents.  2) The question when the Library will be open, has a two part answer.  a) The last staff member who wants a vaccine has just become eligible and is on multiple registries waiting an appointment.  b) Secondly, the library is required to quarantine materials that enter the building.  The library does not have the space that meets the quarantine guidelines and also appropriately distance staff and public. It is the hope that restrictions will be relaxed or lifted in the next 6-8 weeks.


    Supervisor’s Report:  1) Closings have been completed on the Holt Road properties.  2) Working on approaching adjacent property owners of the township’s landlocked property located off Pinch Hwy, to see if interested buying through a sealed bid process.  3) Preparing letters to be sent on several nuisance violations.  4)  Jim Tropf resigned from the Board of Review. Slucter moved and Piper seconded to appoint Fran Johnson to Board of Review.  Carried 7-0.


Public Officials:  County Commission Dairus Reynnett mentioned that Eaton County has begun working on the Budget.


    Other Reports & Announcements: None


Hear Public Present for Agenda Items:  None


Unfinished Business:  None


New Business:

Rumsey moved and Pray seconded to accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission and approve Premier Meds Special Use Permit for the addition of Adult-Use Marihuana to their existing Medical Marihuana grow facility.  Carried 7-0. 


Pisano moved and Piper seconded to accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission and approve Stillwater Brands Michigan Special Use Permit for the processing of Medical and Adult-Use Marihuana with the condition that all Emergency Services requirements be met.  Carried 7-0.


Slucter moved and Pisano seconded to table Special Use Permit for Terry Haines (5096 Canal Rd) until the next regular meeting on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, in order for the township board to obtain additional information.


Hear Public Present on any subject:

Steve Dexter voiced his safety concerns for rolling stop or no stopping at the intersections of Canal Rd & Windsor Hwy and Canal Rd and Vermontville Hwy.


Yasmeen Ludy, reporter with Fox 47 News, requested list of Special Use Permits on Marihuana facilities.


At the regular meeting of the Windsor Charter Township Board of Trustees held on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, in accordance with MCL 15.268, Myers moved and Piper supported to go into closed session to discuss real estate and a personnel issue.

Roll Call was taken: Ayes:    7         Nays:    0        Absent:     0       

Township Board went into closed session at 7:44 pm.


Slucter reopened the regular meeting at 8:29 pm


Rumsey moved and Pisano seconded to establish a minimum sealed bid as discussed in closed session. Carried 7-0.


Pray moved Piper seconded to establish an Incentive Program as outlined in closed session. Carried 7-0.


With no further business Supervisor Slucter adjourned the meeting at 8:31 pm.



                                                                                    Lisa A. Rumsey

                                                                                    Windsor Charter Township Clerk