The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Supervisor Slucter with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Present:  Slucter, Rumsey, Fritts, Myers, Piper, Pray and Pisano

Absent:  None


Piper moved and Pisano seconded to approve the agenda.  Carried 7-0.


Pray moved and Piper seconded to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as written. Carried 7-0.




     Sheriff’s Report:  Deputy Holliday reported on incidents in the township.


     Planning Commission:  1)  New officers were elected.  2)  Two Public Hearings were scheduled.  3) Tabled a Special Use Permit for additional information.  4) Setting up workshops for the updating of the zoning ordinance/master plan.


     Sewer Board:  February 18th meeting was cancelled.


     Emergency Service Department:   Chief Miller reported 1) Just before the last meeting was called away on a barn fire in Roxand Township, where WTES was dispatched as part of the Eaton County Tanker Task Force North Strike Team.   2) Update was given on the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS). 3) Emergency Services Annual Report for 2020 was reviewed. 4) Have been gathering information and statistics on daytime fire and EMS responses over the past couple of years.  Many combination departments have had the same issues with fewer people working nights and having availability to respond during the daytime. 


     Assessor/Preston Community Services:  None


Library:  1) Shifted focus to virtual programming for several different age levels. 2) First Library in area to partner with People, Animals, Love (PAL) program for beginning readers.  In these zoom sessions, beginner readers will be reading to therapy dogs.  Was interviewed by WILX and will air Friday.  3)  Annual statistical snap shot of the previous year was provided to the board at last meeting.


    Supervisor’s Report:  1) Update was given on the lawsuit, previously discussed in November, filed by Scott Carlson.  2) Survey for the Holt Road Property is being updated to include an easement for overhead lines.


Public Officials:  None


    Other Reports & Announcements: None


Hear Public Present for Agenda Items:  None


Unfinished Business:  

The proposed home page for the new accessible website was presented.  Feedback was given and Trustee Pisano is going to work on a new logo for the township.


The two adjacent property owners of the Township’s Holt Road Property were offered the opportunity to present seal bids for a triangle piece of the property to be opened during today’s meeting.  Supervisor Slucter opened the sealed bids and the results were Bruce & Dorene Dean bid $2,500.00 and Anthony & Darlene Moore bid $1,001.00.  Winning bid goes to Bruce & Dorene Dean.  Thank you to both parties for their participation.  Supervisor Slucter will get in touch with both parties to notify them of results and to close the sale.


New Business:

A cemetery issue was emailed to the township board last week.  Sexton Jim Bogi went over, in detail, the preparation and procedures of a grave side service.  The issues that were brought forth in the email were not part of the cemetery staff’s responsibilities, but those of the vault company and/or funeral home.


Hear Public Present on any subject:

Jonathon Harmon, Craig Wright and Thomas Cole introduced themselves as representatives of Michigan State Utility Workers.  They announced they are expanding training capabilities of utility workers at the facility located at 4815 Lansing Road.


With no further business Supervisor Slucter adjourned the meeting at 8:19 pm.



                                                                                    Lisa A. Rumsey

                                                                                    Windsor Charter Township Clerk