The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Supervisor Slucter with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Present:  Slucter, Rumsey, Fritts, Myers, Piper and Pray

Absent:  Fabijancic


Piper moved and Myers seconded to approve the Agenda as written. Carried 6-0.


Piper moved and Myers seconded to approve the Consent Agenda.  Carried 6-0.


General Fund consisting of Voucher #33027 through Voucher #33101 equaling: $53,145.30 plus digital transfers and payments of $21,995.11 making a Grand Total of $75,140.41. 


Payroll Report consisting of Voucher #41837 through #41853 equaling: $4,796.60 plus direct deposits of $37,947.08 making a Grand Total of $42,743.68. 




     Sheriff’s Report:  None


     Planning Commission:  Tomorrow’s meeting will include two Public Hearings for Special Use Permits.


     Sewer Board:  None


     Emergency Service Department:  Chief Miller reported: 1) Last Thursday, MIOSHA was at the station training two new inspectors.  2) Prevention is currently working on reviewing plans.


     Assessor/Preston Community Services:  Received a question concerning how reroofing and siding on an existing home is handled in assessing.  Normally these items are considered general maintenance unless there is a structural change.


    Supervisor’s Report: 1) Jill Baker was introduced as the newly elected president of Grand Pointe Neighborhood Association.  2) Congratulations to James Fabijancic who has accepted an appointment to the 138th Trooper Recruit Academy for Michigan State Police.  Myers moved and Piper seconded to accept the resignation of James Fabijancic as Trustee.  Carried 6-0.  3)  Slucter moved and Myers seconded to appoint Patricia Pisano to finish term of vacant Trustee position effective September 22, 2020. Carried 6-0.  4)  Working on 2021 Budget.


Public Officials:  None


     Other Reports & Announcements:   

Jim Bogi presented two quotes to the board for a truck, to be utilized in the Public Service Department, with plans for it to be included in the 2021 Budget.


Hear Public Present for Agenda Items:  None


Unfinished Business:  

Matt Jankoviak is still having difficulty finding a contractor willing to finish the outside of house at 9995 Billwood. 


Piper moved and Pray seconded to untable Green Peak Ind. Special Use Permit for 5943 N. Michigan Rd.  Carried 6-0.  Staffing plan was reduced and site plan was redesigned to accommodate for additional parking spaces.  Rumsey moved and Pray seconded to accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission including the conditions of a final site plan being submitted for final approval to the Planning Commission and all Emergency Service requirements being met before final site plan is approved.  Carried 6-0.


An update was given on the Dangerous Building located at 10652 Jolly Road.  The Hearing Officer inspected site on September 7th and a Report of Non-Compliance was issued.  The Enforcement Public Hearing is scheduled for September 22, 2020 at 7:00 pm to be held electronically.


New Business:

Janice Skabic, Nuisance Abatement Officer has resigned effective immediately due to unforeseen health issues.  With great sadness Rumsey moved and piper seconded to accept Jan Skabic resignation as Nuisance Abatement Officer.  Carried 6-0.


Hear Public Present on any subject:

Barbara Burns-Briggs and Doug Drake both spoke in support of Matt Jankoviak and Dimondale Canoe & Kayak.


Jill Baker voiced her concern over vehicles, trailers and such being parked in roadway in Grand Pointe subdivision.


With no further business Supervisor Slucter adjourned the meeting at 8:11 pm.



                                                                                    Lisa A. Rumsey

                                                                                    Windsor Charter Township Clerk