The regular meeting of the Windsor Charter Township Planning Commission was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairperson Holtz.


Present:  Holtz, Sabourin, Johnson, Pray and Pisano

Absent:  Brija and Kelley

Also Present:  Supervisor Slucter, Asst Chief Fabijancic and Clerk Rumsey


Johnson moved and Sabourin seconded to approve the agenda as written.   Roll Call Carried 5-0.


Johnson moved and Sabourin seconded to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as written. Roll Call Carried 5-0.


The Public Hearing for the Consumers Energy Rezoning of the East 10 acres of Parcel 080-010-100-004-00, was called to order by Chairperson Holtz at 7:01 pm.


Courtney Killeen, representing Consumers Energy, introduced herself as submitting the application to rezone the East 10 acres of Parcel 080-010-100-004-00 from PUD (Planned Unit Development) to M-1 (Light Industrial) so as to have entire parcel zoned the same.  Plan to construct a Consumers Energy Service Center.


Chairperson Holtz read a written comment submitted by Gary and Linda Brzak, 9511 Billwood HwyThey are of the opinion the zoning request change would mean traffic would increase a lot on both Billwood and Canal.  Concerned with water main being brought down along Billwood that will make a mess of their lawns.  Also feel the value of their house will plummet even if their assessment stays the same.  They are against this rezoning.  At the very least they would like to see a huge berm with tall trees be put all along Billwood so they won’t have to look at a parking lot all day.


Teri Robison, 9453 Billwood Hwy – Expressed concerns on behalf of both her and her husband about property values.  Went over the history of the last zoning change where the East 330 feet, which is in front of their house, were to be left at current zoning of PUD.  Would like to see consideration of a transitional area, such as walking trail, trees and landscaping between Consumers Energy and the residential area.  Concerned with looking out and seeing trucks entering and exiting.  Would like to see a site plan as to how large the building will be, where the parking lot(s) will be located, ingress and egress from the property, etc.  Also concerned with how water is to be brought to building and the increase of traffic.


David Neil with Consumers Energy, responded to concerns about truck traffic, as they will not entering and exiting all at once, it will be periodically throughout the day as needed. 


Cheryl Salkeld, 6905 Thornhill Dr – Does not want service trucks using Billwood Hwy for exiting and entering service center.  Also would like to know size of facility and what kind of buffer will there be for view and well as sound.


While the preliminary site plan is being set up for all to view, Stacy Ykimoff with Consumers Energy, responded to driveway questions.  To be consistent with other Consumers Energy facilities currently being constructed it is common to have driveways off both access roads.   As far as buffers are concerned, Consumers Energy will comply with whatever the township ordinance requires, whether it be vegetation and/or berms.  Consumers likes to leave a natural buffer, so if there are trees there now, there are no plans to remove them.  David Neil went over the preliminary site plan.  The driveways, buildings and parking lot placement on property were shown.  Buffer zones along the East and South property lines were discussed.



Cheryl Salkeld, 6905 Thornhill Dr Wants to know what system(s) are going to be in place to control traffic and would like a study done.


Traffic control and Parking lot lighting were of concern to a few unnamed sources. 


Jessica Tramontana with Consumers Energy expressed her appreciation to everyone asking questions and wanted everyone to know their input is really important.  Consumers is committed to being a good neighbor and will do their best to work with everyone.  Stacy Ykimoff with Consumers Energy spoke on the vast majority of traffic exiting the facility onto Billwood will be turning towards Canal Road.  Consumers does not want to go into residential travel ways, that is one of their concerns now where Consumers is currently located is having to use residential travel ways to get anywhere with their trucks.  This property gives Consumers the ability to get to highways quickly.


Cheryl Salkeld and Teri Robinson Wants to know when there will be responses to some of their questions.


Jessica Tramontana with Consumers Energy stated she would be happy to coordinate with the township board and Supervisor Slucter to get questions addressed.


With no more comments or questions from the public, Chairperson Holtz closed the public hearing for Consumers Energy Rezoning of the East 10 acres of Parcel 080-010-100-004-00 at 7:24 pm.


The regular meeting of the Windsor Charter Township Planning Commission was called to order at 7:24 pm by Chairperson Holtz.



      Board of Trustees:  A Dangerous Building hearing has been set for July 15th for the 10652 Jolly Road property and on July 1st the township office was opened with restrictions. 


      Board of Appeals:  None


      Board of Review:  July Board of Review’s date and time to be determined.  There will be clerical adjustments being made and appeals will be heard.


      Reports & Announcement:  None


Hear Public present on agenda items:  None


New Business:

     Johnson moved and Sabourin seconded to schedule the public hearing for Green Peak Industries Special Use Permit on 5943 N. Michigan Rd to be held at the next regular meeting, Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 7:00 pm.  Roll Call Carried 5-0.


Unfinished Business:

Discussion took place on the proposed Change of Zoning of the East 10 acres of Parcel 080-010-100-004-00 from PUD to M-1. Proposed driveways were considered for possible alterations. The east end of property was discussed and it was noted that there was no plans for development in that area at this time.   Setbacks, fencing and landscape buffers were examined for both the East end and South side of property and was asserted that buffers will be completed in accordance with the township’s zoning ordinance.  Water to service the facility was reviewed. It was stated that a Site Plan Review is required for all commercial property in the township and questions can be addressed again at that time.  Pray moved and Sabourin seconded to recommend to the Board of Trustees to approve the petition to amend the zoning district from PUD (Planned Unit Development) to M-1 (Light Industrial) for the East 10 acres of Parcel 080-010-100-004-00 as its consistent with the area and in accordance with the master plan.

Ayes:  Sabourin, Johnson, Holtz, Pray and Pisano

Nays:  None

Change of Zoning Recommendation approved:  5-0.




     Master Plan/Zoning Ordinance Discussion was postponed due to planning consultant schedule being changed and unable to attend meeting.        


Hear Public present on any subject: 

     Public comment was heard.


With no further business Chairperson Holtz adjourn the meeting at 7:50 pm.



                                                                                    Lisa A. Rumsey, Clerk

                                                                                    Windsor Charter Township