REGULAR MEETING – MAY 26, 2020 – 7:30 PM




The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Supervisor Slucter with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Present:  Slucter, Rumsey, Fritts, Myers, Piper, Pray and Fabijancic

Absent:  None


Piper moved and Fabijancic seconded to approve the agenda as written.  Carried 7-0.


Piper moved and Myers seconded to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as written.  Carried 7-0.




     Sheriff’s Report:  None


     Planning Commission:  Renewed two Special Use Permits.


     Sewer Board:  May’s meeting was cancelled.


     Emergency Service Department:   Are continuing with Birthday Parades on Saturdays between noon and 2 pm for all ages.  Drove by the Dimondale Center last Saturday and received a nice Thank You note from the residents and staff.


     Assessor/Preston Community Services:  An update was given on the Executive Orders that affect assessing.


Library:  Been closed since March 16th and have been offering what services by phone, email and social media.  At the request of the State Library and Unemployment Insurance Agency the Library opened its guest WiFi 24/7.  Working on a plan to be reopening in phases.  .


    Supervisor’s Report:  1) Received an email from New Genetics requesting to withdraw the one additional Medical Marihuana Class C permit approved last March.  They have decided they wish to use the additional space for Adult-Use Marihuana and will be applying for that permit in the near future.   Pray moved and Piper seconded, to rescind the previously approved third Medical Marihuana Class C permit at the request of New Genetics.  Carried 7-0.  2) The township attorney is proceeding with the dangerous building ordinance on the burned house located at 10652 Jolly Road. 3) Looking into property located at 6346 Valley Trail after receiving several complaints.  4)  Working on a few issues concerning property on Pats Drive.


Public Officials:

Gina Johnson introduced herself as a candidate for State Representative of the 71st District.

Dairus Reynnet introduced himself as running for County Commissioner in the 10th District.


     Other Reports & Announcements:   

James Bogi reported: Struggled with the excess rains, but worked diligently to prepare cemeteries for Memorial Day.


Sue Fritts reported: 1) Updated township information with Medical Management (Ambulance billing service) and signed new enrollment agreement for direct deposit.  2) Registered with PNC for the new Remote Deposit. 


Hear Public Present for Agenda Items:  None


New Business:

Discussion took place on a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan.  A committee was appointed to review and present plan back to the board.


Unfinished Business:  

Matt Jankoviak updated the Board on the 9995 Billwood House.  Roofer is coming in later this week to finish the back and looking for someone to finish siding.


Hear Public Present on any subject:  None.


In accordance with MCL 15.268(d), Rumsey moved and Piper supported to enter into closed session to discuss real estate.

Yeas:  Fabijancic, Pray, Fritts, Slucter, Rumsey, Piper and Myers

Nays:  None

Motion Carried:  7-0.

Township Board entered closed session at 8:11 pm.


Supervisor Slucter reopened regular meeting at 8:44 pm.


Slucter moved and Pray supported to decline the offer for the real estate advising the prospective purchaser that we would entertain another offer closer to our cost in the property.  Carried 7-0.


Hear Public Present on any subject:  Public comment was heard.


With no further business Supervisor Slucter adjourned the meeting at 8:47 pm.



                                                                                    Lisa A. Rumsey

                                                                                    Windsor Charter Township Clerk