The regular meeting of the Windsor Charter Township Planning Commission was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairperson Holtz.


Present: Holtz, Sabourin, Johnson and Kelley

Absent: Brija, Pray and Pisano

Also Present: Asst. Chief Fabijancic, Lisa Rumsey (Clerk), Pete Preston (Consultant)


Johnson moved and Sabourin seconded to approve the agenda as written. Carried 4-0.


Johnson moved and Sabourin seconded to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as written. Carried 4-0.


The Public Hearing for Adult Use Marihuana Zoning Ordinance Amendment was called to order by Chairperson Holtz at 7:02 pm.


With no comments or questions from the public, Chairperson Holtz closed the public hearing for Adult Use Marihuana Zoning Ordinance Amendment at 7:04 pm.



Board of Trustees: At last meeting, introduced the Solar Energy Zoning Ordinance Amendment and a schedule for completion on the 9995 Billwood Hwy House was accepted.


Board of Appeals: None


Board of Review: Assessment notices will be going out in the mail at the end of February and the Board of Review will be meeting on March 9th and 12th.


Reports & Announcement: Mike Kelley was welcomed back to the Planning Commission.


Hear Public present on agenda items: None


New Business:

Jason Raleigh, AR Engineering walked through the plans for Dollar General. Discussion was held on the drive loop around building. Deferring of parking spaces and sidewalk on west side of building was considered. Holtz moved and Sabourin seconded to approve the petitioned Final Site Plan Review for a 9,100 sf retail business (Dollar General) to be located on the north side of Lansing Rd., and as legally described in Section 9 of Windsor Charter Township (Tax ID#23-080-009-200-070-00, 23-080-009-200-075-00 & 23-080-009-200-080-00) and adopt the recommendation in Staff Report dated 2/5/2020 and Emergency Services letter dated 2/03/2020, based on the following reasoning and conditions: Reasoning: 1) Subject to the conditions provided below, it is found that the petitioned site plan for a retail business meets the general standards as provided for B-2, Business District and site development requirements set forth under Section 5.8-A.5. Conditions: 1) The Planning Commission defers 19 parking spaces. 2) A deferred concrete sidewalk from concrete entry way to the deferred parking spaces be shown on plans. 3) Drive loop around building be paved. 4) Clearly identify the address in writing. 5) Coordinate the Fire Alarm system inspection with Eaton county Construction Codes Department and Emergency Services Department. 6) Acknowledge in writing the Fire Lane No Parking Sign locations, see attached ES1. 7) Provide the dimensions in writing to the Emergency Services Department for area identified as ES2 to be added to the plans. 8) Provide the dimensions in writing to the Emergency Services Department for areas identified as ES3 to be added to the plans. 9) A Fire Inspection by the Emergency Services Department shall be completed prior to occupancy. 10) The Emergency Services Department be provided a complete set of final construction plans prior to occupancy to be used to assist in fire preplanning. Roll Call was taken:

Ayes: Sabourin, Johnson, Holtz and Kelley.

Nays: None.

Absent: Pray, Brija and Pisano.

Final Site Plan Approved: 4-0-3.


Johnson moved and Kelley seconded to recommend to the Township Board to adopt the Proposed Ordinance No. 47: An Ordinance to amend the Windsor Township Zoning Ordinance, as amended, to provide for the zoning regulation of Adult Use Marihuana Establishments; and designate such Establishments and Operations as special uses; in order to maintain the public health, safety and welfare of the residents and visitors to Windsor Charter Township.

Ayes: Kelly, Holtz, Johnson and Sabourin

Nays: None

Absent: Brija, Pray and Pisano

Motion Carried: 4-0-3.


Work Plan:

Pete Preston, Planning Consultant, distributed Chapter 3 Goals & Objectives to the Planning Commission. The notices of intent to plan are being prepared. Discussion was held on welcoming changes to any part of the plan at any time. The updated Zoning map has recently been submitted to the supervisor and clerk for review.


Hear Public present on any subject:

Public Comment was heard.


With no further business Chairperson Holtz adjourned meeting. Adjournment: 7:57 pm.



Lisa A. Rumsey, Clerk

Windsor Charter Township